How to create corporate culture when designing a workplace?

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28 Feb 18

Organizations are now putting more emphasizes on corporate culture, and align the corporate culture with business strategies. In fact, a great manager always sees corporate culture as an amazing way to enhance the internal cohesion within the organization, and the initiatives and belonging of employees.

A great corporate culture is comprised of different elements, including corporate histories, values, style of leadership and group structure, etc. Among all elements, company environment is by far one of the most important elements. It is because a physical environment defines the daily activities in the organization and the colleagues’ interactions, and so the corporate culture.

The following example gives you ideas how to create a corporate culture with a workplace strategy.

From the traditional office layout to the modern open workplace, it is all created by the Avail Series by Lamex. There is only a small panel on each workstation, which encourages easy and free communication and interaction between people without compromising the privacy need of each people. The owner of this project is a giant in the financial industry. This open workplace allows people to focus on their own works while encouraging people to share and interact. It gives people a moment to relax from their busy daily life.

On the other side of the workplace, there is a series of collaborative sofas to form a collaborative area for people to rest and recharge. Presentations, small group meeting and other causal meeting could also be held in this comfortable area, allowing people to stay refreshed in different activities.

BLUE and Green as main colors for the interior, it matches with all furniture and interior setup to create a sense of comfort and peace, becoming a vivid contrast with the sharp corporate personality.

When space, interiors and thoughtful workplace solution meet, we are able to create a workplace that suits the needs of any corporate. It allows people to focus and connect with others in different functional areas, enriching their day and giving a better work-life balance.

A great workplace solution is not only about providing great furniture, it is also able to sharp up and corporate culture, finding the right balance between works and life.