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The new workplace for technology companies in China

By April 25, 2018 No Comments
25 Apr 18

We all know technology is changing our lives, but do we truly realize how much? Even those just reaching the grand age of 30 would still remember a world without Facebook, iPhones, Uber, Alipay or WeChat.

Technology is also transforming the very nature of the workplace. As Silicon Valley replaces Wall Street as the barometer of success, tech workers increasingly redefine what it means to work. Dropping suits for hoodies, they eat eating meals delivered at their desks rather than waste time lunching at the latest Michelin-starred restaurant. Things can be even more extreme in China, where many tech workers have taken to bathing and sleeping at the office rather than commuting from home!

As the separation between work live and private live collapses, workforce mobility increasingly dictates where workplaces are established, and how technology is deployed to foster collaboration among on-the-move workers. Activity-based working (“ABW”)  strategies, by putting people at the centre of the workplace, enable companies to leverage technology to tailor workspaces to the needs of their employees. Saving on rent, companies invest in flexible, collaborative workplaces supplemented by technologies like video-conferencing and cloud computing.

In China, where tech companies tend to be much larger than their Silicon Valley counterparts, new solutions are also emerging. For example, designers use “pilots and incubators” to test the breaking of large spaces into functional zones like training facilities, executive suites, and rest areas which are then integrated using a scalable methodology. This kind of dynamic zoning requires flexible solutions in furnishing, which is why customized workplace solutions featuring modular systems, collaborative furniture and open workstations, such as those developed by Lamex, are in big demands.

Recognizing the importance of staff’s wellbeing, some workplaces feature an abundance of natural plants, spaces that encourage movement, and natural materials that evoke a sense of calm. Employers may even offer amenities like an urban farm, seasonal green walls, a museum or a hotel.

While we can’t predict the future, one thing is certain: as technology increasingly permeates all aspects of our lives, we must ensure that humans remain at the center of the workplace of the future.

Avail Open Space Solution

An Open Space and a collaborative area are always the foundations for an ideal workplace of the modern technological companies. Avail Space Solution offers you all elements, from sofas, panels and tables, to create a workplace that suits your company’s need and for the wellbeing of the staffs.

With different setting of furniture, you can divide space in terms of different activities. It is where technical people chit-chat and have a small meeting to brainstorm the most advanced technologies:

It can be the place where people focus on the creation coding and programs

Avail Open Space Solution gives technical companies one-stop solutions to create a flexible and efficient workplace, in which people enjoy their works and life. For more information, please contact with our service personnel. Or click on the “Read the origin” to check out more information on the official website of Lamex.