Space: Focus

Efficiency, Flexibility and Collaboration

Efficiency is built into the A30™+A50™ system with panels that are shipped fully-assembled providing easy installation and simple reconfiguration.  A30™+A50™ panel accessories and Avail Storage solutions integrate seamlessly to build an efficient and high performance work space where work tolls are within an arm’s length.

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Flexibility is achieved through refined component design providing multiple solutions through a combination of basic elements. Smart connections make installation fast and reconfiguration easy even when a workstation is in use on the other side.

Realizing effective collaboration and communication while keeping a proper space to focus on individual tasks is today’s chief challenge in design offices. The multiple combinations of A30™+A50™, perfectly balance the essentials of focus, communication and teamwork.


Certificate GreenGuard
Material Steel & Wood

Avail Panel Solution

It offers a comprehensive range of panel thicknesses to connect open, bright and collaborative work setting.