Avail Standing Bench


Space: Focus

Healthy and Flexible

In order to support a collaborative workplace, Avail Standing Bench allows you to choose the most comfortable way to work by changing your posture from sitting to standing throughout the day.   A good match of Array Task Stool provides you the flexibility to conduct a stand during focused task, a quick meeting or brainstorming,  therefore enhancing efficiency, performance and supporting well-being in the workplace.

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Options of the Table Surface: Maple (MFP)、Warm White (MFH)、Black Oak (MFO)、Cherry (MFY)、Red Maple (MFA)

Convenient Storage Space

With second storage space underneath, you can place your documents or personal items within an arm reach, leaving a clean and neat table surface, allowing you to focus on your work and increase productivity.

Designed for Dual Use

Keep your most comfortable posture from standing to sitting, with a footrest platform to provide a resting place for your feet but also an extra storage space.

Stay Connected

The space underneath allows the installation of the monitor arm and socket for seamless power connections to support your technology tools such as notebooks and mobile devices.


Dimension Size
Certificate GreenGuard
Brand Lamex
Material Steel & Wood

Avail Open Office Collection

Collaboration, Efficiency and Flexibility are the key concepts of Avail. Avail is the workplace designed for all.