Space: Focus, Meet & Connect

Agile and accelerated, delivered.

Speed and agility are the attributes determining an organization ability to compete and survive in a competitive and ever-changing market. Hockey is designed to support fluid workplace teaming and agile learning needs through a family of mobile elements from ganging desks to writable screens.

Hockey mobile desk suggest speed with an athletic appearance – legs, lean and lithe in 2 heights, glides on the ground with sporty looking open ring castors. Featuring a slide-to-link connection, Hockey desks link with one another intuitively in no more than few seconds.

Hockey mobile screens facilitate idea generation and a barrier for better concentration or deterring airborne viral transmission.

Hockey’s quick and highly intuitive glide-to-gang action enables workplace transformations in less than 5 minutes. Constantly dispersing and re-grouping, iteratively moving from one activity to another, quickly curating diverse work micro-environments to match goals and purpose.


Material Wood, Metal

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