The Grand Opening of HNI Singapore – Chapter 2

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9 Mar 18

To extend the happiness of the grand opening of HNI Workplace Centre @ Singapore, we have a series of amazing parties on 9 Mar!

The happiness lasted from afternoon to evening. A dual lion dance performance was held in the Workplace centre. At the venue, there were a senior director from HNI and the President from Lamex, together to celebrate the rapid expansion of  HNI Group and the grand opening of HNI Singapore.

There was a “Beer Night” in which many local key clients were invited to visit the Workplace Centre. A locally famous DJ was invited to the party to give amazing party music for all guests. By being provided the locally brewed beers, lots of different cuisines and great music, all guests enjoyed a wonderfully Friday Night.

This year is “The Year of Dog”. A Chinese-dressed puppy doll was given out as a special gift to all guests. We hereby send our most sincere blessing to all people, and wish you all a happy and fruitful year.